Studio D 2016-17 Classes - General guidelines for classes by age/grade level/skill

For our Youngest dancers:

Creative Movement – age 3-4

Pre Ballet/tap- age 4-5

Ballet/Tap- age 5-6

Ballet Classes

Ballet 1- K-2

Ballet 2- grades 2-5

Ballet 2a- 45 minute class. Grades 2-3

Ballet 2- 1 hour class, grades 3-5

Ballet 2b- follows Ballet 2. Grades 4-5

Ballet 2/3- grades 5-7

Ballet 3 core- grades 6-8, must take twice a week

Ballet 3/4 core-grades 7-10,  take twice a wk.(not offered this year)

Ballet 4 Core-  grades 8-12, must take Twice a week

Ballet 4b Core-   grades 9-12, must take twice a week

Ballet 5 Core- grades 10-12, must take twice a week

Ballet Technique-  grades 6-9

Teen Ballet- grades 7-12,

Note:  Ballet Technique & Teen Ballet classes can be taken to fulfill the Ballet requirement for Jazz levels 3-5 and Modern/Contemporary Classes level 3a or 3b.

Pointe Classes

Pre-pointe- Ballet level 3/4 Core (not being offered this year)

Pointe 1- Grades 8+, for Ballet 4 Core students

Pointe 2- Grades 9+, for Ballet 4b/5 Core students

Pointe 3-Grades 10-12, for Ballet 5 Core students

Contemporary Classes

Contemporary 3- grades 6-8 , Ballet required level 2/3+

Contemporary 4- grades 7-12, ballet required level 4+

Contemporary 5- grades 10-12,  Ballet required level 5

Teen Contemporary- grades 7-12, ballet encouraged

Modern Dance Classes

Modern 1 or Modern/tumble 1- grades K- 2

Modern 2 or Modern/tumble 2- grades 2-5

Modern 2/3 or Modern/tumble 2/3- grades 4-6

Modern 3a- grades 5-7, ballet required, D-tour Jr. Co.optional

Modern 3b- grades 6-8, ballet required, D-tour Jr. Co. optional

Modern 4- grades 8-10, ballet 4 core required, D-tour, by invitation

Modern 5- grades 10-12, ballet 4b/5 core required, D-tour by invitation

Teen Modern-Teens should take Teen Contemporary

Hip Hop Classes

Jazz/HH- grades 1-3

Hip Hop 1- age 7-11, grades 2-5

Hip Hop 2- grades 4-8

Hip Hop 3- grades 7-12, by invitation

Choreography Classes- Invited to Perform in Our Winter Show

Choreography 1- Grades 4-6, Modern Dance class suggested

Choreography 2-  Grades 6-8, Modern Dance class suggested

Choreography 3/Acro/Specialty- Grades 8-12

  • This class will include Improvisation, Partnering Work, Acrobatics, Strength Training and May include Aerial work.

Pilates Classes

Pilates Mat Class- Grades 6-12, and for adults

Private Pilates Reformer Classes are available with Rebecca by appointment- for adults and students

Jazz Classes

Jazz/HH- grades 1-3

Jazz/Tap- grades 2-5

Jazz 1- grades 2-4

Jazz 1/2- grades 3-5

Jazz 2b- grades 5-7, ballet suggested

Jazz 3- grades 5-8, ballet required

Jazz 4- grades 8-12, ballet required

Jazz 5- grades 10-12, ballet required

Teen Jazz- grades 8-12, ballet suggested

Street Dance

Street Dance 1- age 7 and up

Tap Classes
Tap 1
Tap 2 – students have had a year of Tap class or Grade 4+
Tap 3- by skill
Tap 4- by skill

D-tour Dance Co. is our pre-professional student dance company. It is comprised of dancers in Our Modern 4 and Modern 5 classes. We have a D-tour Jr. Company which is comprised of Modern 3a and Modern 3b Classes. Dancers in D-tour will have some rehearsals and workshops on the weekends from September 2019 through January 2020 and will participate in additional performances such as our Winter Showing at 19 Main and may be asked to perform at Oktoberfest and Dance Fest at the Palace Theater or at Carnegie Hall. Please let Miss Rebecca know if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity. Dancers may take Modern classes that are part of D-tour without being required to participate in these additional performances.


We recognize that students progress at varied rates and this is taken into account when placing students in their classes. This serves as a basic guideline to point parents and students in the right direction. Please respect your teacher’s advise on placement for it is where we feel your dancer will make the most progress and where they will thrive.


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