April 23rd Schedule

No Place Like Home 2017- April 23rd Schedule


12-12:40 Farm Scene

Ballet 5- Ginny Opening piece

Zippidee Doo Dah – Ballet/tap (Sat), Ballet 1/2 (Fri), Jazz 1 (Fri)

Dorothy and Toto

Farm Scene Cast- Kansas intro into Walk the line

Modern/Tumble- Farm Animals with Dorothy (City of Stars)

Somewhere over the rainbow- Dorothy/Elizabeth

Modern 4- The Cyclone

Dust In the Wind- Aunt Em /Cassidy


12:40-1:30 Munchkin Land

Modern 3- Down with Paper parasols

Ballet 1 (Wed. 4:45)- The Rainbow Connection

Dorothy and Glinda/Elizabeth & Gabby

Modern/Tumble 2- Welcoming munchkins (Come Out…, It really was no miracle)

Mayors and Coroners (We thank You, As Mayor of …, As Coroners…)

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead- Modern/Tumble 2 & Munchkinland Officials

Celebrating munchkins- Jazz/HH (Wed)

Lullabye league

Lollipop guild & Ayden

Ballet/tap- Miss Gina Lollipop (Ballet/Tap)

Tap 2- Miss Karen Lollipop

We welcome you….into Wicked Witch entrance- (all munchkin land cast)

Glinda disappers/Follow the Yellow brick Rd- Dorothy and munchkins

Jazz 4- Ease on Down the road



1:30-2:15 Yellow brick Road

Street Dance scarecrow trio

Ballet 2(Tues.)- Crows with Morgan

If I only had a brain- Morgan/Elizabeth

We’re off to see the wizard for 2- Morgan/Elizabeth

Street dance 2  (Tin People)

Ballet 3/4 (Wed.) Apple orchard/Spooky Forest- (Karen)

Discovering the Tin Girl- Anna, Morgan, Liz

Jazz 2/3- Singing in the Rain

If I only had a Heart- Anna with Morgan & Elizabeth

We’re off to see the wizard for 3

Creative Movement-The Lion sleeps Tonight

Cowardly Lion’s Solo- Katie L & Meeting the Lion

We’re Off to see the wizard for 4- Elizabeth, Morgan, Anna, Katie L


2:15-2:55 Poppies and Snow

Point 1/2 Poppies

PoppyGirl duet- Maria and Emmie

Characters fall asleep- Elizabeth, Morgan, Anna, Katie L

Ballet 3a -Snow

Snow Angel Trio- Gigi, Lindsey, Amanda

Ballet 1 (Wed. 5:30) w/Gigi- Snow (Edelweiss)

Glinda’s Solo-Gabby

Ballet 3/4(Mon.)- Glinda’s magic

Modern 5- Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd (Baraeilis)



2:45-3:25 Good Vs. Evil

Contemporary 4/5 (Carlie)- In a Rainbow

Modern 2- Crystalize (Morgan) Dance with the balls

Crystal ball moment- Glinda/Wicked Witch (Gabby/Juliana)

Winkie Guards – Teen Jazz

Wicked Witch Solo- Juliana

Ballet 4/5 (Martha)- Something evil/dark

Flying monkey class Street dance 1


3:25-3:55 BREAK


3:55-4:25 The Emerald City

Optimistic voices- Liz, Morgan, Anna, Katie L.

Emerald City Girl Trio

Ballet 2a (Mon.)- Emerald City welcoming class

Emerald City Groomers and characters

Jazz/Funk class Roar (Tues) – with Katie L.

Pointe 3- Emeralds

Characters speak to Oz- They must go get the broom

Ballet 4/5 (Ginny)- Wizards


4:25-5:00 Journey to the Witch’s Castle

Flying monkey quartet with Juliana

Hip Hop class-Spooky Forest- Thriller

Contemporary 3/4 class- (Cold)

Chorerography class- Flying monkeys that capture Dorothy

Dorothy and Wicked Witch- Elizabeth & Juliana

Teen Jazz- Winkie Guards-

Morgan, Ann and Katie journey to castle, free Dorothy

Melting the Witch and Winkie Guard Celebration

Yeah 3Xs: 4 characters

Tap 4- music from Trolls: Can’t Stop the Feeling


5:00-5:30 Return to Emerald City, Oz, Going Home

Wizard’s solo after she is discovered- Alexa

Giving of Awards- Alexa, Morgan, Liz, Katie L, Anna

Jazz 5-He’s the Wiz- Jazz 5

Ballet 2/3 (Fri.)- Glinda’s Bubble with Gabby

Modern 5- Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd. (Elton John/short version)

Glinda and Dorothy- click your heels together

Dorothy home with her family- Liz, Cassidy, Maria, Alexa, Morgan, Katie L, Anna

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