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Dear Studio D dance families,
I realize that this email is coming to you rather late in the audition process, and I apologize for this; however, I find that I’m in a position that I must install an audition and casting fee in order to retain teachers for our panel of judges, as well as time spent on choreography and working with dancers.  Please read below.

Starting this year, there will be an audition fee of $10 per dancer. This has been implemented so that teachers who assist with auditions can be compensated with a minor fee for their time and efforts. To make auditions fair, we need a panel of teachers to act as our judges and this fee will help ensure that we can have this panel of judges and maintain a fair process.  When dancers come to check in on Saturday, November 3rd for their audition, they should pay the $10 at the desk.

In the past, I have had the luxury of teachers volunteering to choreograph pieces or to help rehearse dances.  With a large turnover in teachers, I find that I can no longer keep these special roles without offering compensation for the time spent working with students and choreographing dances during their free time on the weekends.

Therefore, also new this year, there will be a fee for participation in a character or featured role. This fee will help to offset costs associated with rehearsals and will allow us to compensate teachers for their time spent choreographing and rehearsing these special roles. The cost, if your dancer is cast, will be $50 for solo and duet roles, $40 for groups of 3-5 and $30 for groups of 6 or more. I will determine a cost between $30 and $50 per person using these general guidelines and it will be based on the approximate number of additional hours each character will have working with teachers on the weekends.

Thank you for understanding the need for this change. By coming to the audition, you will be agreeing to these fees.  If the audition and casting fees change the status of your audition, please let Lisa or Daniela know prior to November 3rd.

We hope to see you at auditions.


Miss Rebecca


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