Character Availability

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations on your dancer’s character role!  We plan to begin rehearsals the first weekend of February. 

Attached, you will find a spreadsheet with potential rehearsal dates.  Please fill in the information as requested.  Under columns with days you are not available, please mark NA. Dates that you are free, please leave blank.  If your dancer is free for a part of a day, please provide that information for that particular date as well. For spring break, please let us know which dates you are free and which dates you are not.

We would appreciate if you could return this spreadsheet with your dancer’s availability no later than January 20th. We realize that calendars change, so as your plans change, please just let us know.  We will try to get a monthly calendar of rehearsals out as early as possible before each month.
Also, a reminder about character fees.  Depending on your dancer’s character role, the following charges will be added to your tuition accounts:
$70 for each character costume (if cost is higher or lower for the costume, we will adjust this charge accordingly)and$50 for solo and duet roles$40 for groups of 3-5$30 for groups of 6 or more

Thank you!  Daniela and Lisa for Studio D 


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