Character Rehearsals May 2017, Version 3, Revised on 5/11/2017 Detailed version


Groomers will rehearse on Fridays from 3:45-4, 15 minutes before ballet 2/3 begins

Ayden and Lollipop Guild will rehearse on Monday, 5/22 from 4-4:15

Ballet 2 Mondays, (last 20 minutes( 5:55-6:15) Groomers

Modern/Tumble 2 on Mondays 4:45-5:15 Gaby, Liz, Mayors, Coroners



May 13

Rehearse first half (See break down of specific times below)

1-2 Farm Scene and Munchkinland


Farm Scene: Liz, Morgan, Katie L, Anna, Cassidy, Maria, Alexa, Juliana, Mali, Abby, Jennifer, Shayne, Emma

MunchkinLand: Gabby, Liz, Averie H, Katie B, Cassandra, Kiki, Ayden, Caroline G, Shaye F, Calley, Phoebe, Evelyn, Ruby, Anna

2-3 Yellow Brick Road Section

Victoria, Ben, Jessica L., Liz, Morgan, Anna, Katie L.

Rehearse 2nd half (See break down of specific times below)


3-3:45 Poppies/Snow, Good vs. Evil

Gigi, Lindsey, Amanda, Maria, Emmie, Gabby, Juliana, Liz, Morgan,

Katie L., Anna


3:45-4:30 Emerald City Scenes

Alexa, Liz, Morgan, Katie L., Anna, Madigan, Samantha, Sarah,

Katelyn B, Kaitlyn G, Emerson, Natalie, NIkara


4:30-5:15 Journey to and at the Witch’s Castle

Monkeys- Katie H, Rachael, Avery R, Aili, Winkie Guards- Teen Jazz Class, Juliana, Liz, Morgan, Katie L, Anna


5:15-5:30 Going Home

Liz, Morgan, Katie L, Anna, Gabby, Cassidy, Maria


May 20

1-3 Munckinland including:

From 1-2 Modern/Tumble 2 and Modern 3 Classes


May 21

1-4 Run show, just characters

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