Character Rehearsals, Revised March 27, 2019

Good evening,

Attached, please find rehearsals for March 30-April 22.  (There will be many additions for April, so please keep on the lookout for these in future emails.)  For the most part, changes are in purple.  Please let us know asap if you see conflicts with your dancers’ schedules.
Chase, your rehearsal with Maria for this Saturday was postponed until April 7.
Beauty and the Beast, “Be Our Guest Scene” including:  Kaitlyn G., Katelyn B., Averie H., Cassandra G, Maria P….what Saturday mornings are you available to come from 9:30-10 to rehearse with the Creative Movement class BEFORE Sunday, April 28th?  Please reply to this email (do not “reply all”) by Friday, 3/29.  We will confirm with a separate email.  
Thank you!
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