Character Rehearsals this weekend

Hi Everyone,

Following is our rehearsal schedule for this weekend.  Please note the changes in time.  We had to move the older mermaid rehearsal to Saturday vs. Sunday.  I am sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone, but there were more people who would be out if it was kept as scheduled.
Thank you.  Miss Rebecca will look at the availability schedule and try to schedule additional rehearsals over spring break.  For those of you who are on vacation next week, enjoy!

Saturday, 4/14
2-3:15                  4 Eels
3-4:15                  Maria, Rachael, Ruby, Young Mermaids (No Katelyn B)
Morning Walk/Bedtime
4:15-5:15             Older Mermaids and Gabby (Maria stay until 4:30)
Sunday, 4/15
12-12:30              Liz
12:30-1                Destroying Ariel’s Grotto:  Liz, Sam, Maria, Gabby
1-1:30                  Liz and Maria
1-2                       Ben C. and Gabby
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