Choreography classes allow students to go behind the scenes and become teacher, dancer, visionary, creator, collaborator, and director.  Students apply their own skills and knowledge of different styles of dance to create pieces that they perform for each other as well as audiences in our winter and spring performances.  Choreography class also teaches important life skills such as collaboration and teamwork, listening and communicating, self confidence and self-expression.  Classes focus on various elements that make up the craft of Choreography. Dancers explore the use of Time, Shape, Energy, Space and Motion. Examples of class themes are: Stage Design, Movement Phrasing, Gesture and Movement Invention, Use of Dynamics and Movement qualities , Themes and Variations, Background vs. Foreground, Movement Invention, Storytelling, Abstract vs. Literal Movement, Exploration of Props, Symmetry vs. Asymmetry and more.

Through Choreography class, students become comfortable with improvisation, weight sharing and group collaboration.  Each week, dancers perform their creations for one another and learn to discuss and critique what they see. It is so important for dancers to develop language to talk about their art form and the confidence to articulate their point of view.
Classes include elements of Modern dance, improvisation, and partnering. Concepts learned in Choreography class can be applied to any style of dance. This is a great way to foster your Creativity.

Choreography/Acro 1/2 – Grades 4-7

Choreography/Acro 2/3 – Grade 7+, must be able to do a one handed cartwheel, Bridge and handstand against the wall

Choreography 3/4 with Aerial – Grades 7+, must have 2-3 years of Choreography experience & be able to do a one handed cartwheel and be open to learning front walkovers. Class includes; aerial silk work, partnering, solo and small group choreography. Must have teacher’s approval.

  • Hair needs to be pulled up off the face and neck and must be out of your eyes.

Short hair: Clipped away from the face.

Long hair:  Hair must be pulled back and worn up off the neck.

  • Wear form fitting dance wear such as a leotard and footless tights or a dance tank top with dance pants/yoga pants.  (Dance shorts over tights are fine too).  Black is preferable for Modern.
  • No shoes are required for Modern Dance, Choreography class, Gymnastics or Pilates/Yoga classes.

Rebecca Anderson Darling