Classes and Common Areas at Studio D

Good afternoon studio families,

It is wonderful to have so many dancers with us this year, both familiar faces and new families too! This is our first full week of classes, as Thursday classes will be running as scheduled tomorrow.
We are doing our best to fill those few classes that do not have enough students enrolled. As we indicate on our registration material, we need at least 6 students in each class. We try to run these classes for a couple of weeks to try to give the class a chance to fill, so if you know of anyone who might like to enroll, now is the perfect time.

Because we have so many families the bathrooms get messy and at times, it gets crowded in the common areas. We had some complaints about the cleanliness of the bathrooms from other tenants and patrons, so we ask that your young children be supervised in the bathroom. If they use the bathroom alone, please double check to make sure that they clean up after themselves. Additionally, we love that dance is a family event, but if you have younger siblings, please keep an eye on them. We had a near fall down the stairs by one young child and a few near collisions with other patrons. The landlord has posted signs around the common areas and we ask that you abide by their requests. Thank you everyone!

Best regards,
Studio D

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