Ballet classes build a strong dance foundation and help dancers to develop proper technique, musicality, strength and grace. Ballet gives dancers the technical skills that are needed to excel in a variety of dance styles that we offer at Studio D, such as Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary. Ballet classes focus on developing strong technique emphasizing correct body placement, use of arms, coordination of the upper body, proper turnout and extension. Studio D’s Ballet classes expose students to aspects of different ballet styles, including the Vaganova, Cecchetti and Balanchine methods. Ballet classes are a great discipline for any dancer.

Our youngest students begin in Creative Movement or Pre-ballet classes where they learn the basics of musicality, balance and coordination. The begin to learn the fundamentals of dance in a creative, fun and encouraging environment.  

As students progress in ballet levels, their individual advancement in ballet is often determined by the number of classes he/she takes each week (we recommend 2-3) as classes are structured in the same way to help dancer’s practice this technique. Ballet classes begin with work at the barre to build dancer’s coordination, strength and understanding of correct body placement, followed by center exercises that develop balance, strength and endurance, culminating in a final combination or variation.  Dancers learn ballet vocabulary in a simple and practical way that leads to increased technical understanding, healthy physical development, and a lifelong love of dance.  When students demonstrate strong technique, sufficient core and ankle strength, and a teacher’s recommendation, they are invited to study “en pointe.” 

Dancers taking classes en Pointe should be taking Ballet classes at least 2- 3 times per week. “Core” Ballet classes are for dancers that are taking Ballet at least twice a week. This enables the group to progress together more quickly.

We offer Supplemental and Teen Ballet classes to give technical support to dancers taking Jazz, Modern or Contemporary classes. Proper dance technique goes a long way in helping dancers progress in other styles of dance.

Creative Movement – age 3-4

Ballet/Tap – age 5-7

Ballet 1 (30 mins) – age 5-7

Ballet 1 – Grades 1-3, age 6-8

Ballet 2a – Grades 2-4, age 7-9

Ballet 2b – Grades 3-5, age 8-10

Ballet 2/3 – Grades 5-7, age 10-12

In Order to take the Core Ballet Classes, Dancers must be taking Ballet Class at least twice a week.

Ballet 3a Core – grades 6+, must take twice a week

Ballet 3b Core – grades 7+, must take twice a week

Ballet 4 Core – grades 8+, must take twice a week

Ballet 5 Core – grades 9+, must take twice a week

Supplemental Ballet Classes

Ballet Technique – grades 7-12

Pointe Classes

Pointe 1 – for Ballet 3b Core students

Pointe 2 – Grades 8+, for Ballet 4 Core students

Pointe 3 – Grades 10-12, for Ballet 5 Core students

  • Hair needs to be pulled up off the face and neck and must be out of your eyes.

Short hair: Clipped away from the face.

Long hair:  Hair must be pulled back and worn up off the neck.

Hair must be worn in a bun. (No exceptions for Ballet III+)

  • Wear pink tights, pink ballet shoes and a leotard.There are specific leotard colors for each Ballet Level:
    • Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet and Ballet I– Pink leotard
    • Ballet II- Pastel colored leotard, Light Blue, Lavender, Mint, etc.
    • Ballet III, IV and V and Pointe-Black leotard
    • New to Ballet- Black leotard
    • Teen Ballet– Black leotard

    Ballet shoes (pink) may be either leather or canvas.  You will develop an individual preference.  Split sole ballet shoes are preferable unless you are a beginner.  Please bring both ballet slippers and Pointe shoes to class if that applies to you.

    Boys taking Ballet:  Black socks, black full-soled leather ballet slippers, black dance shorts or full length tights, form-fitting white t-shirt, and dance belt (for performance).

Jessica Cipriano

Alison Rose

Annette Carlo

Rebecca Anderson Darling

Katie Czyr

Gina Silva

Shannon McLean

Abby LaPoint

Samantha Hawley