Contemporary dance developed from elements of several dance genres including Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Classical Ballet. Pioneers of contemporary dance such as Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham believed that dancers should have freedom of movement, allowing their bodies to freely express their innermost feelings. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements and stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor and focuses on speed, rhythm, change of direction, partnering work, floorwork, and physicality.  Our Contemporary class incorporate elements of Modern Contemporary, Contemporary Pop, Traditional Jazz as well as African and Indian dance.

Contemporary 3 – Grades 7-9, Ballet required

Contemporary 4 – Grades 8-12, Ballet required

Contemporary 5 – Grades 9-12, Ballet 5 required

Teen Lyrical  – Grades 7-12

  • How do I need to wear my hair?Hair needs to be pulled up off the face and neck and must be out of your eyes.Short hair: Clipped away from the face.Long hair:  Hair must be pulled back and worn up off the neck.
  • Footwear: Barefoot, Socks, or Foot Undeez/Dance Paws are acceptable.  Options: Capezio ® Unisex FootUndeez #HO7, Capezio ® Women’s Printed Footundeez #HO7S, Dance Paws Unisex Dance Paws® #DP1

Katie Czyr

Rebecca Anderson Darling

Shannon McLean

Annette Carlo