Hip Hop is a dance form that was born on the streets and ghettos and compared to other dance styles, it has a relatively short history dating back to the 1960s and 1970s.  However, the movement and the music have roots dating back much further in both African Dance and Jazz.  Despite its humble beginnings, hip hop has become increasingly popular and diverse in the last few decades thanks to impressive and innovative steps, almost superhuman movements, and dynamic rhythms. It has a free-er, improvisational style, however, technique of African dance, jazz, modern and swing can often be found in Hip Hop.  Studio D offers several styles of Hip Hop, including the more traditional Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, and Street Dance.  Elements included in our Hip Hop/Street Dance curriculum feature:  isolations, gliding, breaking, popping, locking, housing, animation, tutting and krumping.

Jazz/Hip Hop – Grades 1-3

Hip Hop 1 – Grade 3-6

Hip Hop 2 – Grade 5-8

Hip Hop 3 by invitation

  • Hair needs to be pulled up off the face and neck and must be out of your eyes.

Short hair: Clipped away from the face.

Long hair:  Hair must be pulled back and worn up off the neck.

Gina Silva

James Jandrok

Carlie Silva

Jessica Melendez

Katie Lukens

Katie Czyr

Chase Tuz