Jazz is a dance form that appeals to dancers and audience alike because of the variety and the energy that are inherent of the jazz style.  Students can begin jazz classes as early as age 6 in a combination jazz/hip hop class.   Jazz classes begin with a warm-up to develop strength, flexibility, correct alignment, and coordination, followed by progression across the floor, and finally extended dance combinations.  All classes end with a free style dance to encourage freedom of expression, recreational dance, and fun!  There is a focus on jazz elements such as isolations, swing, and rhythm.  The goal for our jazz program is to develop dancers who are expressive, musical, and dynamic.
As students progress, it is required (Jazz 2 and higher) to take a supplemental ballet class to reinforce technique. Ballet class is not required for students to take the Teen Jazz class.

Jazz/Hip Hop (30 min) – age 5-7

Jazz/Hip Hop 2 (45 min) – ages 7-9, Grades 2-4

Jazz 2 – Grades 4-6, ballet suggested

Jazz 3/4 – Grades 7-10, ballet required

Jazz 4b – Grades 8-11, ballet required

Jazz 5 – Grades 9-12, ballet required

  • Hair needs to be pulled up off the face and neck and must be out of your eyes.

Short hair: Clipped away from the face.

Long hair:  Hair must be pulled back and worn up off the neck.

  • Wear form-fitting dancewear. Leotard, tights, a dance top with Jazz pants/tights or dance shorts over tights.
  • Shoes: If you are buying new Jazz shoes, buy Bloch, tan, slip on Jazz shoes. (Bloch #SO401).  If you already have jazz shoes that fit, begin with those.  (For Jazz/Hip Hop classes, students only need jazz shoes.)

Gina Silva

Shannon McLean