The student will explore the basic elements of dance: time, space, shape, motion. Students will become aware of the endless possibilities of movement through improvisation and composition exercises. In our Modern dance classes, a Nikolais/Louis floor warm up begins the class, followed by exercises that teach students to find their center and to move off of center. Gravity, suspension, centrifugal force,floor work, movement quality and performance techniques are explored. Ballet technique class is recommended in conjunction with modern. Students have the opportunity to learn weight sharing and partnering from Rebecca Anderson Darling, former dancer/teacher/collaborator with Pilobolus Dance Theater. Modern 3 and above are required to take Ballet.

Modern 1 or Modern/Tumble or Modern/Ballet  – Grades K-2

Modern/Tumble 2 – Grades 2-4

Modern/Tumble 2B – Grades 3-5, followed Modern/Tumble 2

Modern 3a – Grades 5-7, ballet required, D-Tour Jr. Co. optional

Modern 3b – Grades 6-8, ballet required, D-Tour Jr. Co. optional

Modern 4  – Grades 7-9, ballet core required, D-Tour, by invitation

Modern 5 – Grades 10-12, ballet core required, D-Tour by invitation

  • Hair needs to be pulled up off the face and neck and must be out of your eyes.Short hair: Clipped away from the face.Long hair:  Hair must be pulled back and worn up off the neck.
  • Wear form fitting dance wear such as a leotard and footless tights or a dance tank top with dance pants/yoga pants. (Dance shorts over tights are fine too). Black is preferable for Modern.
  • No shoes are required. Foot Undeez/Dance paws are optional for Modern. Bring appropriate shoes for the style of choreography that you are creating.

Rebecca Darling

Katie Cyzr

Annette Carlo

Shannon McLean