DanceFest Details

Good evening Modern 4 and 5,
We have some details regarding our DanceFest Master Classes on January 12/13 and performance on January 27th.  Please read below and let us know if you have any questions:

  • Master classes- Everyone enters through the main theater door and dancers will check in at a table. Parents are allowed to watch master classes from the audience if they would like.  We would encourage carpooling to make travel easier!
  • January 26, Saturday- We do not have anything scheduled.  Hooray!!!  
  • January 27, Sunday-  Arrival time for dancers:  1:50pm- warm up and get into costume (enter through stage door).
    • 2:35-2:55pm – Technical rehearsal onstage and in costume (parents are not allowed in the theater)
    • 3-4pm-  Finale rehearsal for all dancers.  After finale, all dancers are to remain at the theater.
    • It was mentioned that studios can have food delivered to the backstage door or dancers can just bring their dinner. We are almost last on the program in terms of order. There is an intermission.
    • Box office opens 2 hours before performance. (After that, tickets will still be available at the door.)
    • 5:30pm House opens; 6pm show
    • Miss Rebecca has an envelope for each dancer with their tickets inside. It is open seating so no seat assignments. The theater seats are all pretty close to the stage so there really isn’t a bad seat.

Thank you all!  See you at rehearsal this Saturday!  Best, Daniela and Lisa for Miss Rebecca

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