Dress Code and Hair

Please do your best to dress neatly and appropriately for class and follow the attire, outlined below, for your style of class.  If you dress like a dancer, you will think like a dancer and you will act like a dancer. The proper attire for dance classes allows for the teachers to see the body more clearly and puts students in the right frame of mind for dance class.  Jewelry may not be worn in class, except small earrings.  Street clothes will also not be allowed for class.  All dancers must adhere to the dress code.  Please label dance shoes and other belongings with your student’s name.


How do I need to wear my hair?

Hair needs to be pulled up off the face and neck and must be out of your eyes.

Short hair: Clipped away from the face.

Long hair:  Hair must be pulled back and worn up off the neck.

Hair for Ballet III, IV and V Class:  Hair must be worn in a bun. (No exceptions for Ballet III+)


What is the dress code for each dance style?


Ballet Classes:  Wear pink tights, pink ballet shoes and a leotard.

There are specific leotard colors for each Ballet Level:

  • Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet and Ballet I– Pink leotard
  • Ballet II- Pastel colored leotard, Light Blue, Lavender, Mint, etc.
  • Ballet III, IV and V and Pointe-Black leotard
  • New to Ballet- Black leotard
  • Teen Ballet– Black leotard

Ballet shoes (pink) may be either leather or canvas.  You will develop an individual preference.  Split sole ballet shoes are preferable unless you are a beginner.  Please bring both ballet slippers and Pointe shoes to class if that applies to you.


Boys taking Ballet:  Black socks, black full-soled leather ballet slippers, black dance shorts or full length tights, form-fitting white t-shirt, and dance belt (for performance).

Modern Dance, Contemporary, Pilates/Yoga & Choreography Classes:

Wear form fitting dance wear such as a leotard and footless tights or a dance tank top with dance pants/yoga pants.  (Dance shorts over tights are fine too).  Black is preferable for Modern.


No shoes are required for Modern Dance, Choreography class, Gymnastics or Pilates/Yoga classes.


Contemporary Classes- Barefoot, Socks, or Foot Undeez/Dance Paws are acceptable.  Options: Capezio ® Unisex FootUndeez #HO7, Capezio ® Women’s Printed Footundeez #HO7S, Dance Paws Unisex Dance Paws® #DP1


Jazz and Tap Classes:  Wear form-fitting dancewear. Leotard, tights, a dance top with Jazz pants/tights or dance shorts over tights.

Jazz Shoes: If you are buying new Jazz shoes, buy Bloch, tan, slip on Jazz shoes. (Bloch #SO401).  If you already have jazz shoes that fit, begin with those.  (For Jazz/Hip Hop classes, students only need jazz shoes.)

Tap Shoes:  Style #S0301L   Bloch’s Jazz Tap      Black

Any tap shoes that you already have are fine to start with.  If you are buying new tap shoes, buy black and ask your teacher which style is best for you.


Gymnastics/Tumble:  Gym leotard or formfitting dancewear that is comfortable to go upside down with and will not ride up (form fitting top too please!)


Hip Hop Classes:   Shoes– Black hip hop sneakers something like http://dancers-wardrobe.myshopify.com/products/child-mesh-hip-hop-sneaker-bloch-s0538g. (For Jazz/Hip Hop and Jazz/Funk classes, students only need jazz shoes.)

Looser fitting dance pants are acceptable on the bottom half, but it must be dance attire.


Street Dance:  Flat bottom, high top Converse sneakers..  They must be used for dance only and not as street shoes.  Also, knee pads and longer pants (like sweats).