Dtour workshop this weekend!

Our next D-Tour workshop this coming Sunday, October 28th.  Following is the schedule:
Modern 4 & 5     1-3:15
Modern 3            2:30-4
Modern 4 and 5 only…
If you were not at the last workshop, Miss Rebecca distributed information about the DanceFest Master Classes.  These classes are being held on January 12 and 13.  You will need to register online, under Studio D, for three classes.  There is no charge for the three classes, but if you would like to register for additional classes, there is a fee that will be charged by DanceFest.  Here is the link for registration:


The performance, as noted in your D-Tour calendar, is on January 27th (rehearsal is January 26th).
Thank you and have a great weekend!  
Daniela and Lisa for Miss Rebecca
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