Final Payment and Fundraising Results

Hello Modern 4 and 5 Families,
I wanted to let you know what a great job you all did in Fundraising for DanceFest.  We had three fundraisers to help defray the costs for Dancefest:  Tastywaves, American Pie, and the Snackcart.  Here are the reults:
Tastywaves:  $125 (Tastywaves contributed an additional $25 donation) for a total of $150American Pie:  $720 of pie money was raised for DanceFestSnackcart:  $193
Total = $1,063 / 20 dancers = $53/dancer
Therefore, each dancer’s final payment is $47.
Please submit your final payment before Friday.  Thank you!
If you didn’t pay your previous Dancefest or DTour payments, please do so by Friday.Lastly, some of you ordered additional merchandise or tickets for Dancefest. They are outlined below.
You can either include this additional merchandise amount in your final payment or submit a separate check, please just include “Dancefest”  on the subject line.  Thank you!  Daniela
Dancefest Merchandise/Tickets/Classes
Hawley- $25 for extra class  (Final payment already paid, so you have $53 credit.  We can apply this to the extra class and tuition)
Maria- $60 for gear
Lukens- $48 for gear and extra ticket
Seppa- $18 for extra ticket
MacDonnell- $48 for gear and ticket
Brunner- $114 for extra tickets
Rubini- $48 for gear and ticket- PAID 

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