Important Carnegie Hall Information…please read and print!

Hi Everyone,
Just a little over a week and we’ll be at Carnegie Hall!  
Here is some important information for you to know (You may want to print out this email.):
1.  You should be meeting Daniela (cell 917-562-3545) and Miss Rebecca (cell 860-355-4674) at the Stage Door which is located at 161 West 56th Streetbetween 9:55 and 10:05 (We are entering Carnegie at 10:05 sharp).  You will leave your dancer in our care and will not see her again until she is on stage. You may just drive up and have her hop out if you can’t find parking…
2.  Dancers should wear black dance pants and their Studio D shirt from this Fall.  Dancers should also wear nude, footless tights and a nude leotard. Miss Rebecca will give dancers their costumes this weekend; each dancer will be in charge of bringing to and from the performance.  Dancers should hold onto their costume through the Winter showing and then return them to the studio. Remember make-up and hair styling accessories too!  Please bring a MIRROR to put make-up on and to style hair.
3.  Your dancer will get hungry while she is backstage.  Be sure to pack food and drink to keep her sated.  There will be no exiting Carnegie to buy food once your dancer is dropped off.
4.  Tickets will be distributed on Sunday at our Carnegie practice.   If you haven’t done so already, please tell me how many tickets you will be needing no later than Friday, January 5th.  (Remember you are allotted 6 tickets, 1 of which goes to your dancer, so you can have up to 5 guests in the audience.)  If you have a need for extra tickets or have too many, please let me know, so that I can refer other people to you to buy your tickets at a cost of $45/ticket).
5.  Attached, you will find the order form for the Performance Arts Educator t-shirt design.  This tshirt is offered by the PAE group and Carnegie Hall at $24.95/shirt.  Please see attached.  If you would like a tshirt for your dancer or family member, please complete the attached form, and bring in your $24.95 (Cash or check please, made out to Studio D) by Friday, January 19th. We will place the order by January 22nd and will write one check for the order.  
6.  Please remember your Carnegie Hall payments!  Your payment includes the cost of 6 tickets, inclusion in the program and stage time.  If you are unsure if there is a balance, please call or email me.
7.  -The Carnegie performance starts at 2:00pm, and usually lasts about two hours.
I think that’s all for now. 
Thank you and we will see you this Saturday from 3:00-6pm and on Sunday from 2-4pm!  
Have a good night!  Daniela for Miss Rebecca
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