Important Information for our Characters

Hi Characters,
We have some important information about attending additional classes for some characters, confirming the Saturday rehearsal schedule, as well as character head-shots and bios.  Please share with your dancer if he/she is not included on this email.  We look forward to seeing dancers, here at Studio D, on Sunday for the Full Studio Rehearsal.  (Bring food and drink and your character costumes only!) Thank you!
Additional Rehearsals to attend
Please attend the following classes when possible following Spring Break and up until the show. You may just need to attend a couple of times.
Miss Rebecca’s classes:
Modern 4 Tuesday 5-6:15- Sarah and Katie L (attend 6-6:15)
Modern 3 Tuesday 6:15-7:30 – Kati S, Avery R, Anna M (7:15-7:30)
Modern/tumble 2 Wednesday 4:15-5:15- Emmie (come for 20 min)
Ballet 2a Wednesday 5:15-6pm- Katie B. (Attend from 5:30-6)
Choreo 3 Thursday 6-7- Katie B (stop in for 10 minutes when possible)
Teen Contemporary Thursday 7-8pm – Avery R & Anna M (first 15 min.)
Choreo 1 Friday 5-6pm- Gigi, Katie L, Lindsey. (come when you can)
Acro Friday 6-7pm- Gigi come when possible
Saturday, April 27 Rehearsal Schedule
(In bold are the time changes in rehearsal)
10-11:30       Beauty and the Beast Cast 
11:30-12       Chase and Maria 
12-12:45       Snow White & 7 Dwarves 
12:30-1:30   3 Fairies, Katie B and Alexa
1:30-2:30    Katie L, Lindsey, Avery R. & Anna M, Katie B.
2:30-3:15     Emmie and Katie H. (Wear pointe shoes please)
Character Head Shots and Bios
We are creating Bio boards to be displayed in the Lobby during the show! Please send your bios to my email or leave it in my mailbox at the Studio. Photos will be taken May 18th, times TBD. You should wear dance attire…but NOT costumes). See below for more info.
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