Important Information regarding the Winter Showing, January 27th

Hi Winter Showing dancers,

Just a quick note to let you know what time we will need people to report for the Winter Showing.
Rehearsal times are as follows.  Dancers should report about 15 minutes before your rehearsal time below to put on costumes, and put things away and get warmed up.  All dancers should report directly to 19 Main.
2:30–3:30 Choreography classes
3:30-4:30   D-Tour rehearsal
4:30-5:30 . Karen, Pointe 2 and 3
4:50-5:10 . Ginny Ballet 5a and 5b
5:10-5:30 . Shannon Contemporary Classes
5:30 .         House is open; open seating
6:00 .         Winter Showing begins
Thank you all, your teachers will share with you the costume needs for your particular class.  Please let your teacher know if you are unable to attend the practice at the scheduled time above for any reason.
Also, we would love if all families to bring an appetizer or a dessert for our reception immediately following the Winter Showing.
Thank you,
Daniela and Lisa for Miss Rebecca
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