Important…reply requested: Carnegie Hall Tickets and next Studio D rehearsal

Hi D-Tour families,
Please let us know your ticket needs by tomorrow, January 1st.
Remember, each dancer receives 6 tickets (one of which goes to the dancer), so each dancer has a total of 5 extra tickets for family members. There are a few families who will not need all of their tickets, so we will keep a running list of families that have extra tickets, in case another family needs additional ones.  For example, if you need three extra tickets, we will refer you to another D-Tour family that has extra tickets so that you can buy the tickets directly from the family at a cost of $45/ticket.
In order to do this properly, I need to know how many of your 5 extra tickets you will need, and how many you would like to sell. 
You can just reply to this email by filling in the blank:
If you have extra tickets and you want to sell them:  “I will not need _____ of the 5 extra tickets for my family”
OR, if you need more, “I will need an additional _____  tickets.”
Also, please mark your calendars for rehearsal on Saturday, January 6th mandatory rehearsal from 3-6pm.  We have not yet decided if we will need the additional January 7th rehearsal.
Thank you and enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration!
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