Information about Oktoberfest

Dancers please arrive at 1pm, especially if you are in the Cyclone dance.  We need to rehearse this and will do that first.
Performance order is as follows:
  1. Cyclone-  wear cyclone costume- Silks are at the  studio
  2. Down with Parasols- wear polka dotted dresses ( I have one for Arden)- parasols are at the studio
  3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd.- wear Ivory dresses (Everyone needs to bring theirs- Madigan’s is at the studio)
  4. German Dance- wear black leotard and tan tights with skirts that are at the studio
  5. Not in a Rainbow- wear the costume for this dance
  6. Unsquare Dance- wear black leotard, black shorts and tan tights. Optional:  Solid color tank top or Studio D/D-tour shirt.
Arrive at 1pm– Warm up and run dances
1:45 Take a company photo outside
2:30 Perform
We will need some help laying the flooring down around 1:30 or 1:45pm.
Thank you so much,
Miss Rebecca
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