Jazz 5 and Contemporary Dancers

Hi Everyone,

On Thursday, April 6, Miss Carlie is unable to teach Contemporary.  However, Miss Gina will hold Jazz 5 for two hours,
from 6-8pm.

There are three of you in Jazz 4 (Rachael, Lindsey and Ayden); you have a make-up for Jazz 4 on Thursday, April 6,
so you will come for Jazz 4 from 3:30-4:30, but there will not be Contemporary that night.

On Thursday, April 27, Miss Gina is unable to teach Jazz 5.  However, Miss Carlie will hold Contemporary for two
hours, from 6-8 pm to make up for the missed Contemp class.

Please mark your calendars.  This was explained to dancers during class, but we thought we should give parents a
heads up!

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