March Character Rehearsals (Revised on 3/8)

March 12, Sunday

1-2 Gabby with Lullabye League: Ruby , Anna, Evelyn

2-3 Emerald City Groomers: Kaitlyn G, Nikara, Natalie, Emmerson


March 18, Saturday

1-2 Poppies (Emmie and Maria) with Mrs. Z

2-3 Lollipop Guild and Ayden: Caroline, Shayne, Calley, Phoebe, Ayden

3-4 Mayors and Coroners and Gabby

4-4:30 Gabby


March 19, Sunday

1-1:45 Elizabeth, Morgan, Anna

1:45-3:00 Elizabeth, Morgan, Anna, and Katie L

2:15-3:00 Emerald City Groomers: Nikara, Natalie, Emerson, Kaitlyn G, Katelyn B.

3-4 Monkeys and Juliana

4-4:45   Gabby and Juliana


March 25, Saturday

12-1 Emerald City Girls, Emerald City Groomers and 4 Characters (Sarah, Samantha, Madigan, Katelyn B. ,Kaitlyn G, Emerson, Nikara, Natalie, Elizabeth, Morgan, Anna, Katie L.)

1-2 Oz and 4 Characters, Alexa, Liz, Morgan, Anna, Katie L

2-3 Elizabeth’s Solo