Octoberfest Information and Pies for Carnegie

Thank you, dancers, for coming to rehearsal today. We are excited about Octoberfest next Saturday, October 7th.
I wanted to give you details about the performance.

We will be performing on Bank Street at 2:30. Miss Rebecca would like the girls to be here at the studio at 1:30. Weather permitting, we will take some photos, so please arrive with hair and make up done. Parents, we will need some help getting the marley taped down on the street (those of you who were there last year remember this!) The more help we can get, the better!

We will take some photos and also run through dances.

As far as costuming for next week, I will let the girls know at their classes this week, but will follow up with an email to you. If the girls were unable to be here today, they must be in class this week in order to perform on Saturday. Thank you again, your girls did great today!

Thank you also to people who started bringing in snacks for the cart. We could use one more group of snacks for October, and then we would love to have November and December snack families lined up.

Attached you will find the American Pie flyer. Your girls can start selling pies right away! If you have any questions about the pie sale, please let me know. Remember that the more you sell collectively, the less we will have to pay in the last payment for Carnegie.

Tasty-Waves fundraiser starts tomorrow…October 1st. All you have to do is mention Dtour and $1.00 will be donated to Dtour for every $4.00 spent.
Tell friends and family too!

Have a great rest of the weekend!
Daniela for Miss RebeccaPies 2018

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