Rehearsal Schedule for this weekend

Hi All,

Here’s the rehearsal schedule for this weekend.  After Sunday, Miss Rebecca will be able to determine whether or not to rehearse groups on Memorial Day weekend.

May 19, Saturday

12:30-2. Ariel’s beginnings
Ruby, young mermaids, Anna M., Liz, Maria, Rachael, Jake (done by 1:30)

1-2. Add Goldfish, Dolphins, Sea creature ensemble, Eels

2-2:45 Sebastian’s big show and under the sea: sea creatures, dolphins, goldfish, Ben L., Samantha, Gabby, older mermaids

2:45-3:30. Little Mermaid scenes 1,2,3
Gabby, Liz, Maria, older mermaids, Anna s., Samantha, eels

3:30-4:15. little mermaid scenes 4,5, 6
Gabby, Anna s., Sam, Liz, Abby, Kianna, modern 4 class, Maria, Emmie, Eels

Break 4:15-4:30

4:30-5:30 Part 3 In Prince Eric’s Kingdom
Gabby, Ben C., Castle girls, Abby, Kianna, Anna s., Samantha, Liz, Sarah, Emmie, Katie L, Maria, Older Mermaids

May 20, Sunday

12-2:30. Rehearse character dances as needed
Gabby, Liz, Anna S., Samantha, Maria, Ben C., Katie L., Emmie, older Mermaids, Castle girls, Kianna, Abby, Sarah, Rachael, Avery R., Beatriz

The following groups/dancers do not need to attend rehearsal on Sunday: sea creatures, dolphin trio, goldfish trio, ruby, Anna m., Young mermaids, Ben L.

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