Revisions to this coming weekend’s rehearsal. Please follow what is below for this coming weekend

Hi everyone,

This coming weekend’s rehearsal schedule has changed slightly, based on last Sunday’s all studio rehearsal.  Please refer to the following for Saturday, 5/4, Sunday, 5/5 and Thursday, 5/9.  As always, please let us know asap if there are any conflicts.
Best regards, Daniela for Miss Rebecca
P.S.  Characters, don’t forget to attend Miss Rebecca‘s and Miss Gina’s extra classes, if you were asked to attend.
May 4, Saturday
1-1:45  Katie L & Sarah
1:45-2  Katie L & Lindsey
2-2:45   3 bears (Elena, Juliana, Caelyn) and Lindsey
2:45-3:45   Katie L, Lindsey, Katie B, Anna M, Avery R
3-4:15.   Fairies (Aili, Ruby, Emerson)
3:30 – 4:15 Alexa and Katie B.
4 – 4:30    Kati S, Avery R and Anna M
May 5, Sunday
12:30 – 2  Anna S.
1-1:45      Bugs and Anna S.
1:15-2:15  Anna Silva and Lauren
                 *Lauren please stay from 1:15-2:30
2-3:30      Sarah R. and Cienna
2:15-3      Snow White and 7 Dwarves
2-4           Lindsey and Katie L.
3:30-4:15  Katie H
3:15-4:30. 3 piggies (Ariana, Macie, Brianna)
May 9, Thursday
5-5:30 Abby, Chase and Maria w/Miss Rebecca
5:30-6. Beauty & the Beast cast including Chase w/Miss Rebecca
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