Slight change and new information regarding the Winter Showing, January 27th

Hi All,

There is a slight change to the rehearsal times in bold below:
2:30–3:30   Choreography classes**
3:30-4:30     D-Tour rehearsal
4:30-4:50  Contemporary with Miss Shannon
4:50-5:10  Ballet 5a and 5 b with Miss Ginny
5:10-5:30  Pointe 2 and 3 with Miss Karen
5:30 .           House is open; open seating
6:00 .           Winter Showing begins
**If dancers are not rehearsing in another class, and they are only in Choreography classes, they can go home and return at 5 following their 2:30-3:30 rehearsal time.  
Also, please note that Partnering/Acro is performing but not scheduled to rehearse the day of the Winter Showing.
We have some people assisting with laying the Marley flooring at 19 Main…(mostly dads right now)…but we could use some more help.  If you want to pitch in and help with the flooring, please come at 1:30 to the Studio.  Thank you in advance!
Daniela and Lisa for Miss Rebecca
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