Sunday, April 29th All Studio Rehearsal at Studio D

Hi Everyone,
We look forward to seeing you this coming Sunday, April 29th at Studio D for the all studio rehearsal.  Remember that you only need to be in attendance for your class time, and then you may leave.  Please try to be at the studio about 5 minutes before your scheduled time.  Also, Studio D will be open at 11:30 on Sunday so the first group can come early to warm up and be ready to start promptly.
Attached is a slightly revised schedule.  The ONLY classes that have different reporting times are as follows:
      Hip Hop 1- Jessie’s class – 1:40-2pm
      Street 2- James’ class- 3:10-3:55
Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions.
Best, Daniela and Lisa
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