Sunday All Studio Rehearsal, Volunteers, and Summer Camp

Hi Studio Families,

We are excited about this coming Sunday’s all-studio rehearsal.  Please check the attached schedule to see what time your dancer’s class will be rehearsing. The rehearsal will be here at Studio D, and your dancer need only come for his/her scheduled time and then may leave.
Also, we have had many volunteers for different jobs before, during, and after the performance, (thank you to those who have volunteered!)  However, we still have many jobs available that we must fill.  We will have a volunteer sign up table at the studio for your convenience, so please stop by to see Lisa or me to sign up if you haven’t done so already.
Lastly, our early bird registration for Summer Camp is coming to a close on Monday, May 1st.  To receive the discounted tuition, please be sure to sign up by May 1st.  Please invite friends or family who might be interested in trying out different styles of dance at our studio this summer; we always have a lot of fun and we would love to have new campers join us!
Have a great week and see you this weekend!  Best regards, Daniela

No Place Like Home 2017- April 23rd Schedule


12-12:40 Farm Scene

Ballet 5- Ginny Opening piece

Zippidee Doo Dah – Ballet/tap (Sat), Ballet 1/2 (Fri), Jazz 1 (Fri)

Dorothy and Toto

Farm Scene Cast- Kansas intro into Walk the line

Modern/Tumble- Farm Animals with Dorothy (City of Stars)

Somewhere over the rainbow- Dorothy/Elizabeth

Modern 4- The Cyclone

Dust In the Wind- Aunt Em /Cassidy


12:40-1:30 Munchkin Land

Modern 3- Down with Paper parasols

Ballet 1 (Wed. 4:45)- The Rainbow Connection

Dorothy and Glinda/Elizabeth & Gabby

Modern/Tumble 2- Welcoming munchkins (Come Out…, It really was no miracle)

Mayors and Coroners (We thank You, As Mayor of …, As Coroners…)

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead- Modern/Tumble 2 & Munchkinland Officials

Celebrating munchkins- Jazz/HH (Wed)

Lullabye league

Lollipop guild & Ayden

Ballet/tap- Miss Gina Lollipop (Ballet/Tap)

Tap 2- Miss Karen Lollipop

We welcome you….into Wicked Witch entrance- (all munchkin land cast)

Glinda disappers/Follow the Yellow brick Rd- Dorothy and munchkins

Jazz 4- Ease on Down the road



1:30-2:15 Yellow brick Road

Street Dance scarecrow trio

Ballet 2(Tues.)- Crows with Morgan

If I only had a brain- Morgan/Elizabeth

We’re off to see the wizard for 2- Morgan/Elizabeth

Street dance 2  (Tin People)

Ballet 3/4 (Wed.) Apple orchard/Spooky Forest- (Karen)

Discovering the Tin Girl- Anna, Morgan, Liz

Jazz 2/3- Singing in the Rain

If I only had a Heart- Anna with Morgan & Elizabeth

We’re off to see the wizard for 3

Creative Movement-The Lion sleeps Tonight

Cowardly Lion’s Solo- Katie L & Meeting the Lion

We’re Off to see the wizard for 4- Elizabeth, Morgan, Anna, Katie L


2:15-2:55 Poppies and Snow

Point 1/2 Poppies

PoppyGirl duet- Maria and Emmie

Characters fall asleep- Elizabeth, Morgan, Anna, Katie L

Ballet 3a -Snow

Snow Angel Trio- Gigi, Lindsey, Amanda

Ballet 1 (Wed. 5:30) w/Gigi- Snow (Edelweiss)

Glinda’s Solo-Gabby

Ballet 3/4(Mon.)- Glinda’s magic

Modern 5- Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd (Baraeilis)



2:45-3:25 Good Vs. Evil

Contemporary 4/5 (Carlie)- In a Rainbow

Modern 2- Crystalize (Morgan) Dance with the balls

Crystal ball moment- Glinda/Wicked Witch (Gabby/Juliana)

Winkie Guards – Teen Jazz

Wicked Witch Solo- Juliana

Ballet 4/5 (Martha)- Something evil/dark

Flying monkey class Street dance 1


3:25-3:55 BREAK


3:55-4:25 The Emerald City

Optimistic voices- Liz, Morgan, Anna, Katie L.

Emerald City Girl Trio

Ballet 2a (Mon.)- Emerald City welcoming class

Emerald City Groomers and characters

Jazz/Funk class Roar (Tues) – with Katie L.

Pointe 3- Emeralds

Characters speak to Oz- They must go get the broom

Ballet 4/5 (Ginny)- Wizards


4:25-5:00 Journey to the Witch’s Castle

Flying monkey quartet with Juliana

Hip Hop class-Spooky Forest- Thriller

Contemporary 3/4 class- (Cold)

Chorerography class- Flying monkeys that capture Dorothy

Dorothy and Wicked Witch- Elizabeth & Juliana

Teen Jazz- Winkie Guards-

Morgan, Ann and Katie journey to castle, free Dorothy

Melting the Witch and Winkie Guard Celebration

Yeah 3Xs: 4 characters

Tap 4- music from Trolls: Can’t Stop the Feeling


5:00-5:30 Return to Emerald City, Oz, Going Home

Wizard’s solo after she is discovered- Alexa

Giving of Awards- Alexa, Morgan, Liz, Katie L, Anna

Jazz 5-He’s the Wiz- Jazz 5

Ballet 2/3 (Fri.)- Glinda’s Bubble with Gabby

Modern 5- Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd. (Elton John/short version)

Glinda and Dorothy- click your heels together

Dorothy home with her family- Liz, Cassidy, Maria, Alexa, Morgan, Katie L, Anna

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