Tuesday, 2/19 Make Up Classes

Hello everyone,

We missed two Tuesdays in a row due to inclement weather, so we would like to use next Tuesday, February 19th as a make up day for all Tuesday classes EXCEPT Miss Gina’s classes.  She will plan to make up her classes at a later date.  Following is the schedule for 2/19:
Modern Tumble 2/3   4-5
Modern 4 DTour        5-6:15
Ballet 2B                   5-6
Modern 3 DTour        6:15-7:30
Contemporary 4        6:15-7:15
Tap 4                         7:15-8
We understand that some of you may already have made plans for that date, so please know that we understand if you are unable to make it.
Enjoy your Winter Recess!
Daniela and Lisa
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