September 2018 - June 2019

Registration Fee includes:  Registration fee of $85 for each family ($20 for each additional sibling). Each enrolled student will receive a Studio D t-shirt and each family will receive two tickets per family to our end of the year Dance Production. Additional tickets may be bought at a later date.

Tuition is based on 32 weeks of classes and is determined by the number of class hours.  Cost of tuition is pro-rated based on increased hours, and/or siblings taking classes. Non-refundable payments are made quarterly and are due by the 15th of September, November, January and March.  Monthly payments are accepted upon request.

Hour Season Price Quarterly Payment
 45 minute  $490  $122.50
1 hour  $620  $155
 1 hour 15 minutes  $756  $189
1 hour 30 minutes  $890  $222.50
1 hour 45 minutes  $1024  $256
2 hours  $1160  $290
3 hours  $1640  $410
4 hours  $2050  $512.50
5 hours  $2520  $630
6 hours  $2940  $735
7 hours  $3360  $840
8 hours  $3600  $900
9 hours  $3800  $950
 10 hours  $4000  $1000

Family Discount:       The first student is full price; additional students discount 10%.

Late Fee:                    $20/month for outstanding balances after the 15th of each month.

Returned Checks:     $25 fee

Calendar:                   Classes run from September 17 2018-June 10, 2019.

Costume Fees          $70 per class  Costume fee for Characters will be between $70 and $90

Financial Obligation Contract

The operation of any endeavor falls heavily on its financial support.  Therefore, it is important that all parents understand that the payment of tuition(s) and all other charges is important for the well being and success of this studio.  Timely payments are not only an obligation and a sign of the support that we expect from our families, but also, a necessity for the continuing operation of Studio D.  Arrears over $500, will result in a conference with the Director and Office Manager who will determine what course will be taken.  I understand my financial obligation and agree to pay my tuition and charges when due.