Welcome to a whole new dance year at Studio D!

Happy Saturday and welcome to our studio families!

Attached, you will find some important information about the upcoming dance year, including: a copy of our dance year calendar, required dance attire, office hours, and attendance and inclement weather policies.  
Please stay tuned about additional information regarding:
  • Confirmed spring performance date
and, all new…
  • Adult dance classes
  • Art classes and workshops
If you have interest in either the adult dance class or art classes, please reply to us at Studio D with details about your “dream class”!  We are still in the planning stages for this and possibly can grant your wish.
Also, we are starting an Intro to Dance Class for Home School Teens (Boys and Girls) that will be offered on Fridays from 11:30-1.  Please pass the word along if you know of someone who might be interested.
Best wishes to you as you start the new school year!  
Studio D Teachers and Staff
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