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Hello D-tour Families,
We have just received some information regarding the Women’s Center benefit that you all will be performing at this Friday, September 15th.
They would like the dancers to escort the guests to their tables as they come in and also to help gather guests’ votes in baskets after each couple performs.  They will fill us in once we get there and I will make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable with what is being asked of them.
By the way, if dancers would like community service hours for this event, they can be signed off on at the event.  I am so proud that the girls can contribute to a wonderful cause.
The person in charge of coordinating the event, has asked if our dancers could wear black dresses, the dressiest that you have.  If enough of you do not have black dresses, then perhaps we can find a costume that you could wear, such as the red and black, or yellow and black Spanish style dresses that so many of you have.  For those of you that have had proms or graduation celebrations, they also said that a semi-formal dress would work also, even if it is not black.
So I wanted to reach out to you all, to see what you have and find the best way for us to look coordinated.
I am negotiating our arrival time as we speak.  Originally we were to arrive at 5:30pm, but in finding our that the dancers will not be performing until very late at night, I have asked if they can arrive a little bit later.  I think 6:15 is the latest we can get there.  The event begins at 7pm and finishes around 11:30pm.  My apologies, as I did not realize it would be such a late night for them.
Daniela, Jenny Lukens and I will have cars and will have plenty of room for all of the dancers.
We will be in touch with final details shortly.  Just wanted to give you the heads up about attire and the very late evening.
See you all on Thursday for our final rehearsal.
Miss Rebecca
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