Volunteers Still Needed

Hi Everyone,

We still have some outstanding volunteer jobs that need filling….
If you haven’t yet volunteered, please be our hero!
WE NEED BASKETS!  If you are creative and can work on creating a themed basket for our raffle, please let us know ASAP.  This is such a fun project that you and your dancer can work on together.  
Ticket Sellers:  One more person for Saturday and Sunday
Lobby Tshirt Seller:  Saturday
Clean Up Crew:  One more person for Saturday and Sunday (easy job…many hands make light work!)
If your child is in one of the following classes, please volunteer to watch his/her class in the cafeteria.
These children will be unattended unless someone from your class steps forward:
Class        Day/Coverage needed
Street 1   Sunday
Street 2 and/or Modern Tumble Boys:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Modern/Tumble (Tues):  Sunday
Ballet/Tap (Thurs)  Friday, Sunday
Modern 2:  Friday, Sunday
Ballet/Tap:  Friday

Please let us know if you can pitch in to help with any of these jobs.
Thank you!  Lisa and Daniela
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