Yankee Candle Final Numbers

Hi D-Tour Parents,
We have final results from our Yankee Candle Sales and following are the results…
$1287   profit from Yankee Candle sales (great work sellers!)
  $370   from Family donors (thank you from the bottom of our hearts!)
  $150   Snack Cart
$1807   Total Fundraising / 32 dancers = $56.50 per dancer
We will waive the final payment of $40, and the remaining $16.50 will be applied toward a D-Tour shirt/sweatshirt (depending on how much we can make with the snack cart) to wear to Carnegie Hall.
If you haven’t paid your first two payments which were due on 9/15 and 10/15, please do so no later than 11/15 as Miss Rebecca has had to pay for this in October.
Thank you!  Daniela and Lisa for Miss Rebecca
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